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Wearable Activity Tracker For Up & Coming Athletes

Track Every Step With LaceClips™

Elevate your game with the ability to track your every move, whether it's steps, miles, jumps, or pivots. LaceClips™ are designed to keep you in motion and continuously enhance your performance. Experience the pinnacle of tracking with LaceClips™, the ultimate companion for improvement.

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Simply Attach To Your Laces & Go

Experience the LaceClips™ smart activity sports performance technology that attaches to your shoes and monitors your fitness activity in a range of sports. Watch your improvement from day to day, week to week, and month to month, to improve your performance & crush your goals!

Lace Up As a Team Or On Your Own

Train and compete against friends, family and Professional Athletes on the LaceClips™ Pro Roster. Use the LaceClips™ App to easily share stats, compare previous sessions and climb the leaderboard!

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LaceClips™ keeps you moving and improving wherever the game may take you.

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Metrics For Every Move

Track Your Workouts & Games

The LaceClips™ device is a lightweight, water-resistant clip that keeps your laces locked and connects directly to your mobile device via Bluetooth.

Track Your Game

LaceClips™ tracks steps and distance travelled, measures calories and RPM, counts pivots with rotational axis (clockwise and counterclockwise) and records jumps with degrees of height (Low, Medium, High)

Share & Compare

Compare activity sessions within the same sport, analyze training performance versus competition, and review aggregate performance data (weekly, monthly, etc.)

Conquer The Leaderboard

View your rank in activity and baseline challenge leaderboards. Complete challenges created by friends and the Pros to climb your way to the top of the scoreboards!

LaceClips™ Smart Activity Sports Performance Monitor

LaceClips™ Smart Activity Sports Performance Monitor attaches to your shoes and tracks your fitness activity across multiple different sports. It is the only device that records everything from steps, miles, and rpms to jumps, pivots, and hang time, making it possible to track your performance across 25+ different sports.

LaceClips™ App

Each purchase of the LaceClips™ Smart Activity Sports Performance Monitor will include enrollment into the Membership program that grants users full access to the LaceClips™ App. Data syncs via Bluetooth directly to one's mobile device with the easy-to-use app for any age and skill level and connects to existing social profiles to share performance outcomes.

The Wearable Active Technology Set to Disrupt the Functional Performance Market
My son trains harder than any other 6 year old! LaceClips™ helps keep up with the progress - before LaceClips™ he didn't know he worked that hard until seeing the results on the app.

Measuring Metrics that Matter



Calories Burned



Speed & Pace

Work Rate

Reps Per Minute

Hang time

Time Active

The LaceClips™ Difference

What makes LaceClips™ the Best Interactive Fitness Tracker on the Market

"Training is a priority and LaceClips™ gives me the opportunity to track my progress & measure up against kids my age and the athletes I've grown up watching."

- Enzo Lee, Nike FL Rebels 2028 @teamenzotv

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