LaceClips Pro Attachments

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LaceClips™ is a smart activity device that records everything from steps, distance travelled (miles), calories burned, rpms, jumps, pivots, and hang time, making it possible to track your performance across 25+ different sports.

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Track How You Move With LaceClips™

Track Your Performance

LaceClips™ Attaches To Your Shoes And Sync's To Your Device To Track Your Sports And Fitness Activity.

Compete With Pro Athletes

Join Teams To Train And Compare Against Professional Athletes From The LaceClips™ Pro Roster.

Challenge Friends & Family

Use The LaceClips™ App To Easily Share Stats And Compete With Your Friends And Family.

Lace Up With LaceClips™

LaceClips™ is built for all ages and all activities. The app is easy to use with simple start and stop.

More Data With Every Activity

Whether you're in the gym, on the beach, on the floor, or on the field, LaceClips tracks your stats and compares against your competitors!

Beat Yourself, Your Teammates and the Pros!

Metrics for every move - steps, pivots, jumps, etc. Track your performance from day to day, week to week and month to month.

Measuring Metrics that Matter


Distance Covered

Calories Burned



Hang Time


Speed & Pace

Time Active

Work Rate

Get Started With LaceClips™

Set Up Your Device In Minutes

Step 1

Charge your device* and download the LaceClips™ App to enabled your Membership & create an account.

*Only 1 clip in the pair needs to be charged

Step 2

Connect your device* to your account & start your first workout!

*Clips must be within bluetooth range of your phone to start workout